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Discover our Winnipeg Startup Support Program. Choose how to grow your idea: Mentorship? A new website? Complete ads setup? The perfect brand identity? Or all at once? You decide!

Hey Winnipeg!

Be More is an international marketing agency committed to driving innovation and supporting the growth of startups globally. With our latest campaign, we’re offering special pricing to energize Winnipeg’s startup ecosystem, empowering the next generation of innovative businesses.



Your idea deserves to be seen! Get a fresh, mobile-friendly website that ensures a seamless experience for all users, on any device. Elevate your online presence with a beautifully designed site, strategically optimized for performance and user engagement.


Our web development process is designed to bring your vision to life with precision and efficiency. We begin by validating the project scope and providing a preview to ensure alignment with your goals. Next, we set up your server and domain, followed by the actual website development.

We also handle the installation and configuration of essential plugins to enhance your site’s functionality. Post-launch, we provide basic training or a maintenance tutorial to empower you with the skills to manage your website effectively.

Comprehensive documentation and secure backups of all login details and passwords are included to ensure smooth operation and peace of mind.



Kickstart your success with our complete ad setup and first month management across Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. We tailor campaigns to engage your audience and boost visibility, optimizing each step to maximize your reach and impact.


Maximize your advertising impact with our premier advertising management services. As a Google Partner Premier, we excel in setting up and optimizing ad campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram to ensure your brand stands out.

Our process includes detailed campaign planning, targeted ad creation, and continuous optimization to drive performance. We offer customized strategies that align with your marketing goals, boosting your visibility and engagement effectively.

Comprehensive reports and ongoing support ensure that you remain in control of your advertising journey, with all the tools for sustained success.



Enhance your strategy with mentorship from a global marketing expert. We provide personalized guidance to refine your approach and expand your reach, ensuring impactful results.


Dive deeper into the world of marketing with our exclusive mentorship program, consisting of three personalized one-on-one sessions with Luis Bei, a renowned global marketing expert.

Luis brings his extensive experience and insights from the international marketing arena to help you refine your strategies, enhance your market presence, and achieve sustainable growth.

Each session is designed to address your unique challenges and opportunities, providing tailored advice that leverages the latest trends and effective techniques in the industry.


Logo and Visual Identity

Receive a brand identity developed by branding experts as a gift when you sign up for any of our packages.



Check our super awesome portfolio



Website, performance media and lead capture in several countries for the largest research group in the world


We created the brand and the entire visual identity for a large architecture office in Brazil


Through strategic consultancy, we help transform a small telecom into one of the main players in the market


There is no profit margin here, just goodwill to encourage entrepreneurship!


Your startup in good hands

Meet our super team!


Luis Bei

14 years experience, C-level in global organizations. College professor on Marketing & Branding.

Aline Proença

Strategic planner of business landscapes, expert in sculpting market opportunities and crafting innovative growth paths.

Will Alves

Over a decade of bringing smiles to the faces of business owners with huge returns on performance ads.

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